How To Brew Chinese Kung Fu Tea?

Kung Fu tea, also referred to as Gong Fu, is a name given to the traditional Chinese process of making tea. Kung Fu is a popularly used term in the Chinese culture, referring to the martial arts. The tea making process is thus related to these meanings. If you’re looking forward to brewing the Chinese Kung Fu and have no idea how to go about it, then this guide will have you covered. It provides clear and straightforward steps on how to prepare the Chinese Kung Fu tea.

Kung Fu tea preparation

The entire procedure requires the use of yixing teapots that retain high temperatures during the brewing process. The high temperatures are significant in extracting flavor from the Oolong tea class. There are also other considerations you need to master out to achieve the desired taste of the Kung Fu tea. The primary determinant lies in making the right combination of all the brewing ingredients, which includes the tea leaves, the water temperature, and the time taken to brew the tea. All these results to a good cup of the Kung Fu tea.

Equipment required in the brewing process

You’ll need to assemble various brewing equipment including;

  • Yixing teapot

This is a piece of essential equipment in the Kung Fu brewing process. High temperatures are required in extracting the best flavor from the tea, and therefore the yixing teapot is preferred as it slowly loses it hence maintaining the high temperatures.

  • Teacups

You’ll also require about 3-4 cups depending on the number of people that you’ll be serving the Kung Fu tea. However, if you decide to drink the tea directly from the teapot, then you may not require the teacups.

  • Kung Fu tea tray

You may spill out some tea or even some waste as you serve or even during the brewing process. You’ll, therefore, need a Kung Fu tray to hold such spills. This makes it convenient as you comfortably enjoy your tea without having to move around, wiping off tables.

  • Tea tools

In the toolset, you include essential equipment such as the tea shuffle, funnel, needle, and the digger. However, these tools are optional, and this shouldn’t stop you from carrying out the process.

  • Fair cop

You’ll also require a fair cup to empty the remaining tea from the teapot after serving all the teacups.

  • Source of hot water

You need some equipment to bring the brewing water into a boiling point. There are a variety of sources you may consider, including the use of electric heating jag, gas cooker, or even heat the water in a kerosene stove.

How to brew Kung Fu tea

Once you’ve assembled all equipment in place, you need to begin the brewing process. We have laid out some simple steps to guide you through the entire process.

1. Prepare the tea leaves

You need to prepare the tea leaves in appropriate quantities earlier before you can place the teapot on the heat. 1 to 2 teaspoons of the tea leaves are recommended for a better taste. However, the kind of tea leaves used may vary depending on their compactness. For instance, you’ll use lesser quantities of the Tieguanyin than the Formosa Oolong

2. Rinse all tools with warm water

Dipping all the vessels in hot water and cleaning off the dust signifies the start of the brewing process. The warm water is meant to provide good temperatures for the vessels to hold the hot Kung Fu tea. After rinsing the vessels, you should discard the waste into the wastewater bowl.

3. Pour hot water over tea leaves

You’ll also need to pour some hot water over the leaves to remove any dust particles making the leaves fresh and free from any contamination. The hot water will also open up the leaves hence releasing the sweet tea aroma.

4. Brew the tea using pure water

The tea should be brewed using mineral water that’s free from any contamination. Chemical elements in the water result in undesirable flavors that impart on the tea aroma. You may also use some home purification procedures to get pure, clean water for the brewing process. For instance, boiling water or doing some distillation procedures are a great way of getting pure water for your brewing procedures. Springwater is also recommended for use in this process.

5. Fill the teapot with hot water and cover it up

As mentioned earlier, you can use your electric pot or even a kerosene stove to heat the brewing water. Once the water is hot, you can pour it on the pot until it’s full. Covering the top helps to maintain the high temperatures perfect for the brewing process.

6. Pour the hot water into the fair cup

The fair cup is simply a holding vessel meant to hold the remaining water once the teapot is full. The cups are also used to trap particles passed on from the teapot.

7. Add the tea leaves

Different tea leaves will be brewed at varying temperatures in order to achieve the desired taste of the Chinese tea.

8. Pour the tea into the fair cup

It only takes a few minutes before the tea leaves can infuse their essence, and you can now pour the tea on the excellent cup for maximum mixing before you can serve into the various teacups.

9. Serve the tea into the different teacups

Serve the tea into the multiple aroma cups and ensure that you flip down one cup immediately as the tea is being served to ensure a stronger aroma of the Kung Fu tea. Flipping the cups is a delicate step that should not be left out either. The tea is ready, and you can enjoy the sweet Kung Fu aroma as you take just small sips of the Chinese tea.

The entire process is simple, but a few mistakes can result in a tasteless drink, and you, therefore, need to follow each step outlined here to achieve a desirable taste of the Kung Fu tea.

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